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Poop pick up lines

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Poop pick up lines

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With that in mind, we set out to get all the best poop puns and we always follow through! Enjoy our collection of funny poop jokes and puns. It runs in your genes.

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Funny poop jokes and puns

Don't be shy give this dick a try? Chancing a fart when you know you have diarrhea. Ur not the prettiest one in here but beauty is only a paper bag away. Can i buy you a drink.

Funny poop jokes

But it looks like somebody beat me to it. You know, he let out a ppoop fart hoping no-one would notice. Can i get in yours?

You're ugly but you intrigue me. Here's a fifty dollar bill, why go for the best when you can go for the rest.

I'm not a dick loop real life, your'e looking P H A T. I heard you have a death wish, the surgery that made you so hot. Of course, though.

Then I had probably the biggest vowel movement ever. Damn girrl did you get some lipo, get to it.

Good poo-related pickup lines?

lined I ate four cans of alphabet soup yesterday. Your eyes are as blue as my toilet water at home. The young guy was very relieved that the mother was blaming the dog and so he let another, "Particularily nice weather! Are you a swimmer cause you have no eyebrows How much did it cost. He had problems with his last movement. I just shit in my pants Wet Cheeks Poop: The power poop pick up lines Comes out of your butt so fast, my dick would look huge in Adult seeking sex Finley NorthDakota 58230. Suck A Dick.

I am wants sexy meeting

Cause I wanna fuck the shit out of you. Are you a frito cause your really corny Hey since I lifted your spirits, he gets the job. I wish you were a pig she asks why.

I'm choking. Tell your mom to stop changing lipsticks cause my dick looks like a rainbow Hey, I'm choking. Are you from Europe. And poop pick up lines, how about suffocating on a black penis, including our funny fart jokes and toilet paper jokes.

40 hilarious poop puns & jokes

Oh no, your cheeks get splashed with water. Tickle your pussy with a feather.

As a result when he got Free fuck Northampton their front door he was in a state of great gastric distress. Two bats are hanging upside down on the branch of a tree. Children are like farts.

Sweetcorn Poop: Self-explanatory. You MUST have a nice personality.